Initial Consultation


Vascular & Neurological Assessment

Medical History Taken

Podiatry Treatment as Required

Gentle Foot Massage

Foot Health Advice

Routine Appointment


All New Clients are Required to book in for Initial Consultation

Podiatry treatment as Required

Gentle Foot Massage

Foot Health Advice

Mini Appointment


One of the following:

Nails Cut and Filed

Thickened Nails Reduced

1 Problem Area Treated ie: 1 corn

Foot Health Advice

Nail Surgery


Nail Surgery Procedure

Up to 3 Follow Up Appointments

Dressing Pack

Local Anaesthesia


To aid treatment of painful conditions

Please do try to arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment as we may be able to see you earlier.

If you require use of our free parking space for the duration of your appointment in Cheltenham, please do notify us at time of booking and we can reserve it for you.

Unfortunately there is no parking provision at our Tewkesbury Practice, although there are a couple of Pay and display car parks withing walking distance.

Data Protection Information

As a patient of ProPodiatry you have a right to expect that information that you supply or detail of your treatment is held in confidence. Only the persons involved in the provision of your care, that is your podiatrist and other members of the healthcare team directly involved in your care will have access to your records.

Consent forms will be required to be filled in at the initial appointment. This consent will cover the maintenance and storing of personal details, medical, treatment records, documents relevant to any treatments electronically on password protected practice software.

The records will be kept for 8 years from the last treatment episode for medical and legal requirements.

Additional consent will be sought for additional procedures such as Lunula Laser, Nail Surgery, Swift microwave verruca treatment and for the use of photography.




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