ProPodiatry Home Visiting Service

At ProPodiatry we offer a home visiting service. This service is ideal for those individuals who find it difficult to get to either our Cheltenham or Tewkesbury Practices.

We can treat most foot ailments in the home including;

cropped-propodiatryfoot-2.jpg Thickened and difficult to cut nailshome visiting service

cropped-propodiatryfoot-2.jpg  Hard skin

cropped-propodiatryfoot-2.jpg  Corns

cropped-propodiatryfoot-2.jpg  Ingrown nails (without the use of anaesthetic)

cropped-propodiatryfoot-2.jpg  Simple nail cut


A home visit is priced at £60.

If further people require treatment at the same address the fee would be £60 plus the usual clinic charge for nail cutting or routine treatment

If you would like to book a home visit for yourself or a relative please do contact us on 01684 296884