Fungal Nail Infections and What We Can Do To Help

Onychomycosis or “Fungal Nail Infection” is a problem that is found in 1 in 2 people from the age of 70+, and in a significant proportion of the younger population.


How the podiatrist determines if patient has fungal infection?Fungal nail

– From experience.

– From patient’s medical history and current medication.

– How the nail looks, texture of the nail.

– How the nail feels, responds to cutting, debriding.

– If necessary we take a nail sample for culture (which takes up to two weeks)

Do we treat one foot or both feet?

There can be fungal spores on the nails which are not always visible and as such our advice would be to treat both feet.  If there is cross contamination, there is a higher risk of the infection coming back.

How close together should the treatments be?

We like to keep the treatments close together if possible, ideally 1 or 2 weeks apart.

After the Treatment will the nails go back to ‘normal’?

The aim of the treatment is to kill of any fungus that is on the nail. One of the advantages of the cold laser is that is regenerates the tissue (nail and the skin underneath). However, if there is damage there, this may be scar tissue so we cannot confirm that this will go completely. While we expect the nail to improve, our aim is to kill off the fungus. The appearance will improve and the Podiatrist will be able to tell you more once they have looked at your nails.

How safe is the treatment?

There are no known side effects protective eye wear is not needed as the laser beams are contained in the unit.lunula laser propodiatry pro podiatry cheltenham

What is the success rate?

The treatment is 90% effective based on a recent clinical case study of 500 patients. We believe our clinics results are even higher than this as we base the number of treatments given to a patient on the severity of the infection so we can achieve better results by offering more treatments should they be required.

A recent 18 month case study involving 500 people has taken place. There was a split of patients with varying degree of severity. All of the patients were given 4 treatments over a 4 week period and reviewed at agreed stages along the way. At the last meeting the review showed that the effectiveness of the treatment was 90%.

Why would the treatment not work?

If you have a poor immune system, for example if you are on steroids or if you have a very poor immune system, you may need more treatments.

Who cannot be treated?

People undergoing any sort of cancer treatment or anyone who has had a malignant tumour on the part of their body going in to the laser, ie. Hand or Foot or patients with active infection or sunburn on hand or foot.

Can I be treated if I am pregnant?

We do not carry out treatment on pregnant ladies. During any research on a product like this, pregnancy is an exclusion so whilst we do not believe this would cause any harm we do not have the research to back it up and therefore would not wish to carry out the treatment. Also, pregnancy does effect the immune system so the chances are that this treatment would require more sessions in order to give the required results.

Treatment Plans

£50.00 consultation charge

Regardless of the extent of infection all clients will undergo the 4 treatment plan for both feet priced at £600, at weekly intervals.

Included in the package are 4 review appointments which will be carried out at monthly basis.

After the review appointments have been completed we suggest that either photos are emailed to us on a monthly basis or if preferred a mini appointment can be made so that the Podiatrist can evaluate and treat the nails making sure no new infection has emerged.

If it is found that new infection has occurred then a top up treatment will be required at an additional £50.


Prices quoted above are INCLUSIVE of the following:

Pre-treatment NAIL-REDUCTION (thinning) and PREPARATION – enhances treatment and can rapidly improve nail appearance.

FREE  starter pack including Drywarmer units to support your treatment AND help you stay fungus-free.

FREE Klenz Footwear Sanitization (kills infection-causing fungus present in footwear thereby reducing risk of re-infection (Worth £20)

*Please note, all above treatments available for hands too.



Nail Test For Fungal Infection £30
Post-Treatment Check – Photo Assessment Only FREE
Post-Treatment Check – Appointment + Nail Tidy £22
Booster Laser Treatment – Both hands / feet £50

What happens after the 4 Lunula Laser Treatment Plan if further treatments are needed?

Extra Treatments including filing of the nails @ £50.00 (30 mins)



A big toe nail can take up to 18 months to grow out fully and if  there are fungal elements within the nail base it may take a few months for that discolouration to appear and subsequently grow out.

Although the lasers are an excellent tool, the success of treatment is dependent upon patient co-operation with ongoing maintenance of their foot health.

As the majority of Fungal nail infections are initiated  by the presence of Athletes foot, it is imperative that all steps are taken to prevent re-infection.

In order to help achieve this we encourage patients to bring in their shoes in order for them to be disinfected  whilst they are under going their own treatment, to use an anti-fungal cream on any apparent Athletes foot and to wash socks with Napisan at a higher temperature ie above 40 degrees plus in order to kill any fungal spores.

If any more of the medicaments are required during the treatment process, they are available to purchase at the clinic.

Although the visible signs of Onychomycosis may only be apparent on one or two nails, the fungal spores are likely to have impregnated multiple nails and therefore  treatment of all ten toes is generally recommended.

Before any laser treatment is carried out it is essential that the Podiatrist is aware of any medication and medical conditions that the patient is taking or suffering from, and any nail varnish is fully removed.