Nail Reconstruction

ProPodiatry are now offering Nail Reconstruction.  We use a completely inert product that leaves you with a superb real-looking, real-feeling nail.

nail reconstruction at ProPodiatry

Nail Reconstruction at ProPodiatry





What is Wilde Pedique Nail Reconstruction?

LCN Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction has been developed specifically for corrective and restorative toe nail treatments. The gel resin sets under UV light and has the ability to bond to a surface. The gel strengthens and hardens with a glossy finish. In addition to this, it is very flexible therefore it can adapt to the movements of the toe.

nail reconstruction propodiatry
The Wilde Pedique gel once applied and cured will essentially look like and cut like a regular toe nail. It is an ideal solution for those clients who are looking for a cosmetically pleasing look.

Who would benefit from  nail reconstruction?

  • Fungal – Podiatrists use nail reconstruction  in conjunction with fungal treatments.  Although Wilde-Pedique is not a cure in itself, it can limit the spread of the fungal infection, ultimately  boosting one’s confidence in being able to show off their feet.
  • Nails damaged by trauma (partially missing) – a prosthetic nail may help the new nail grow into place along the nail bed thereby minimising risk of it ingrowing. We do require some nail to be present in order to attach the prosthetic nail.
  • Cracked/split nails – LCN gels helps further damage by covering the crack/split, preventing further snagging.

Other Properties:
·    Odourless
·    No Discolouration – The nail will not change colour after it has been cured under UV-A light.
·    Absence of Primer/Chemical Activator – LCN gels use no aggressive acidic primers which damage the natural nail plate.
·    No Damage to the Natural Nail – As the gel cures to a flexible surface, it will not damage or hinder the natural growth.
·    Non Porous – Fungal nails are suitable for  reconstruction as air and moisture cannot penetrate the hardened gel, thus preventing further spread of the infection.

Wilde Pedique comes in 6 shades – clear, opaque, pastel, clear pink, soft beige and cool pink.

Nails can also be painted with either Dr’s Remedy varnish or Laqish UV cured polish to match as seen below.

Prices start from £49 each for 1 big nail reconstruction,

£10  each for lesser nails.

We advise that the feet upon which reconstruction is to take place are kept dry for 24 hours prior to the reconstruction appointment.

We recommend that the nails are removed within the 5-7 week period, and rebuilt if required.

Each treatment lasts for up to 5-7 weeks dependent upon level of  activity.